12 Ways of Bracing Based On Arab Archery Book

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BRACING may be accomplished in many ways and diverse fashions. Some authors asserted that it could be done in no less than a hundred ways, while abu-Ja‘far Muhammad ibn-al-Ḥasan al-Harawi placed the number at one hundred and twenty and described them in a book which he wrote for that purpose. Most of them, however, are repetitious and useless.

There are three principles that govern bracing. The first involves moving the entire bow from one position to another, either varying the requisite acts or even ignoring some of them; the second involves omitting completely some of the important elements of bracing, with or without moving the entire bow from one position to another; the third is to move the bow to a position where it is in danger.

The first principle is to brace with one hand and one foot placed either on the back or on the neck. The second is to drop one of the things usually considered essential to bracing; namely, the placing of the dustār [Persian: turban], or the edge of the dustār, or the end of the handle, against the knee. The third is to strike the lower end of the bow against the ground and thereby brace it while one is in flight. This entails great danger of injuring the bow and should be attempted only by experts.

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