A Kyudo Dojo in Kyoto Where a Beginner Can Try Japanese Archery on Day One

Japanese archery Kyudo normally takes at least a couple of months before you are able to draw a bow towards the target. Yet right here at this surprise kyudo dojo that we discovered, any person can safely attempt it out on the first day. This is the ideal area for you who have an interest in the world of Japanese archery, to find out about just how the methods are educated.

● Karakuri Kyudo-jyo

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[Price we payed] 6,000 yen ( 2 adults/ Feb 2022 ).
[Repayment choices] Cash money/ Credit cards/ E-money.
* The information is as of the time of the shooting capturing this videoVideo clip Please examine the main internet site for the latest info.

[Timecodes] 0:00 Let’s START!
2:23 Kazu fires in the direction of the makiwara.
5:16 Tomoko fires in the direction of the target.
6:20 Kazu fires in the direction of the target.
8:17 The Ending.

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