Lars Andersen: Recreating Comanche Archery

Comanche archer were the only archers in history who could quickly beat guns, yet how did they do archery?
Joe Rogan Experience suggested they did archery like me, but this is wrong!
Comanche archery is a totally various and partially forgotten technique.

There are several descriptions that they were extremely excellent as well as extremely really quickly, yet no known approach with the arrowhead on the left and arrows kept in bow hand, is as fast as the Arabic approach I generally utilize, where I only use one activity for each arrowhead.

Something was missing?
Together With Dave Mead I started researching and testing.
Eric Smith has actually respected tell his great-grandfather’s experience of really being shot after with arrowheads by Comanche which are created down and as a result verify that they in fact had 5 arrows airborne at the same time, when they went to battle, and also not simply as video games or the like.
And also a variety of various other summaries are understood of how very quickly they shot arrows.

It is 150 years considering that this extreme steed archery battle approach was made use of in truth, a lot expertise has actually been shed

We chatted to a great deal of individuals including Comanche individuals for trying to recreate this archery.

With many experiments with all types of variation, no one was near quickly sufficient because there were a number of movements needed for each arrowhead.
I ended up, if the arrow is put horizontally in the bow hand prior to or while shooting after that you can fire in one motion as well as it works really well and also on horseback.
As well as if you do not make use of the arrowheads, they can quickly be brought back before the bow in one motion

Obviously, it is not feasible to recognize whether this approach is the real Comanche technique however it functions well and fits with devices as well as functions well on horseback and can do every little thing described in historical sources.

It is additionally impossible to understand if there is just one Comanche archery method, or several various.
Eric Smith informed me he believes so great archers they can both fired right as well as left around the bow as well as might make use of several techniques, and also this I think too.

No matter of background, it’s an actually awesome as well as fun method to do archery
as various other archers ought to attempt too and also it is very simple to find out!!

Lars Andersen

Dave Mead

Eric Smith

Joe Rogan S.C. Gwynne

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