Learning Archery 101: How to Shoot a Compound Bow – Class 1 of 3

The secret to effectively firing a bow is all in the initial mentoring and also principles and also this series will certainly provide a lifetime of enjoyment in the sporting activity. In this collection, John Dudley instructs Rock Musician, Mark Schenker (who is a brand new archer and also has actually never ever attempted to shoot an arrowhead)- just how to effectively shoot a substance bow in less than a day.

1. How to discover your correct stance
2. How to utilize a shot fitness instructor
3. How to properly position your shoulders, hips, feet as well as elbow
4. Exactly how to locate your appropriate support
5. How to position your head for proper peep sight procurement
6. Exactly how to effectively draw your bow
7. Exactly how to appropriately grasp your bow
8. The important principle of matching your hands
9. How to implement a correct “shock release”
10. The value of repetition in exercising correct shot implementation without a bow

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