NEW 2022 Elite Terrain Compound Bow Review (Mid-Price Bow)

Elite Archery’s NEW Surface is the Ultimate Bowhunter-Friendly Layout that includes a small style that’s comfortable to draw, stable to shoot and incredibly accurate. With a well-founded back wall and ultra forgiving 7″ brace height, the Terrain’s design is reliable, lethal as well as long lasting.

With an IBO rate score of 325 feet per second, the Terrain uses a crossbreed cam system that features innovative efficiency while being comfy as well as extremely smooth to draw. At less than 4 extra pounds, the Terrain’s Riser Cage ™ light weight aluminum riser is steady and also steady while the slim Precision Grip helps stabilize the bow comfortably for quick shot acquisition.

Beginning MSRP: $699.


ATA: 32.5″.
Dental braces elevation: 7″.
IBO speed: 325 FPS.
Weight: 3.9 pounds.
Letoff: Up to 85%.
Attract sizes: 25.5″ -31.5″.
Attract weights: 45-60 55-70lbs and also lbs.

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