NEW 2023 Bear Archery Execute 30 and Bear Legend XR

New for 2023, Bear Archery has actually launched the Bear Execute 30 as well as the Legend XR substance bows. The Execute 30 is a flagship bow, with all the rate as well as comfort you ‘d anticipate from Bear’s highest possible level offering.

00:00 Intro
00:44 Legend XR Specs
01:09 Execute 30 Specs
01:42 Legend XR Intro
02:51 DHCXR Cam
03:40 Legend XR Reiser
05:20 Legend XR Stabilizers
05:36 Legend XR Shooting Experience
08:29 Execute 30 Intro
08:56 EKO Cam
10:02 Execute Limbs
10:30 Execute Vibration Reduction
10:54 Execute Riser
12:29 Execute Grip
13:53 Execute Stabilizer Mounts
14:23 Limb Stop Options
15:21 Execute 30 Shooting Experience
16:47 Final Thoughts

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