OMNIA – Prepared For All. Ready For Anything.

This season be prepared for all and prepared for anything with the 2023 Elite Omnia. Reaching quicken to 347 feet per second, the Elite Omnia brings a seemly unachievable capturing experience to life with a foundation of Shootability, added performance and a customizable feeling with V2 Micro Mod Let-Off change that’s unlike in the past.

As designers of accuracy, Elite Archery is laser-focused on maximizing the shooting experience to supply archers the next level of confidence. Uninterrupted accuracy is brought to life with incorporating larger limbs with a strategic weight distribution on Elite’s twin captive riser to give archer’s a shooting system that improves aim-ability and equilibrium for faster shot procurement. Appropriate arrowhead trip has actually never been simpler with Elite’s revolutionary Simplified.

Feel the change from beginning to end, with the Omnia’s NEW Delta VRT which functions alongside Elite’s VibeX & Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) to additional moisten any kind of felt residual resonance, resulting in a pleasant and murmur rather fired – all while soaring to 347 feet per 2nd, and also permitting archers to experience shootable, stealthily speed up together with Elite’s trademark smooth draw cycle.

Not only quick and lethal accurate, the Omnia offers much more customization with the NEW SP Cam and also for the very first time ever features V2 Micro Mod Let-Off Adjustment; supplying archers the capacity to tweak holding weight to a single percentile within the 70-90% array. It’s never been much easier to be specific as well as change draw lengths precisely with 1/4″ draw length modification– all within one web cam, and also one mod.

Experience the signature feeling of Elite’s Shootability while reaching brand-new performance elevations this year with the Omnia– and be planned for all, and ready for anything.

Features & emphasizes:
– Shootable Speed Reaches Up to 347 Feet Per Second
– Feel The Change From Start To Finish With The Delta VRT Which Virtually Eliminates Any Residual Vibration
– Micro Let-Off Allows You To Fine Tune Your Holding Weight Down To A Single Percentage Point
– Wide Limbs Create Rock Solid Platform Which Contributes To Enhanced Amiability & Faster Shot Acquisition
– SET Technology– Simplified. Specific. Tuning Increases Accuracy Through Proper Arrow Flight
– 1/4″ Draw Length Adjustment Allowing Archers To Fine Tune To Their Precise Draw Length

The 2023 Elite Omnia will be offered at Elite Retail Partners across the country mid-October with even more details offered on

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