PSE 2023 Carbon Stealth Mach 34 Bow Review by Mike’s Archery

Revealing off the new 2023 PSE Archery Carbon Air Stealth Mach 34 with a fast run down of the specifications and also attributes of the bow.

PSE Archery Carbon Air Stealth Mach 34 Carbon Riser Bow Specs. $1799.00 Retail
E2 335 FPS, S2 340 FPS, EC 330 FPS
3.65 pounds Weight
Dental Braces Height E2 7 1/8″, S2 6 3/4″, EC 7 1/4″.
34″ Axle to Axle.
Draw Length E2 29″ -33″, S2 26 1/2″ -30 1/2″, EC 26 1/2″ -32″.
80-90% Letoff or low let go mods 65-75%.
Available in 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, or 80lb max weights.
Max 10 Turns off Limb Bolts.

11 shade alternatives.
Mossy Oak Bottomlands.
Kuiu Verde.
First Lite Fusion.
Tan/Subalpine Limbs.
Charcoal/Subalpine Limbs.
Tan/Elevate Limbs.
Charcoal/Elevate Limbs.

The 2023 PSE Mach 34 takes PSE carbon bows to also greater degrees of performance, supplying an unmatched experience with even more power, optimum stability, and greater accuracy in a longer, 34″ Axle-to-Axle bow.

The very first carbon bow ever made with PSE’s Full Draw Stability system, the Mach 34 supplies the most secure shooting experience possible, proactively withstanding generated torque for enhanced accuracy when it matters most– at complete draw.

Considering just 3.65 lbs., the Carbon 34 is crafted on PSE’s innovative Dead Frequency Carbon innovation, reducing vibration, and also delivering a lighter, stiffer, dead in hand experience. The Carbon 34 also skyrockets to speeds of 340 fps, thanks to PSE ultra-efficient E2 & S2 webcams.

The Mach 34 is likewise the first searching bow equipped with PSE’s brand-new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System, enabling quick bow tuning and web cam lean modification. Much less time in the bow press means even more time in the area, which is why our breeze spacers can be quickly removed and also rearranged on a pressed bow in accurate increments. PSE’s innovative new axle system also stops over tightening, a main reason of birthing battle seen in rival’s bows.

The Mach 34 riser functions machined-mounting choices for the Hamskea Epsilon remainder, or a machined dovetail plate for the zero-tolerance QAD Integrate arrowhead rest.

00:00 Intro.
00:12 Opening.
00:45 Specs.
02:00 Bow weight.
02:30 Cam Options.
04:10 Features.
09:50 Color Options.
10:30 Price.
11:15 Shooting over Chrono.
13:40 Noise Rating.
14:00 Feel of Draw Cycle and also shot.

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