Total Archery Challenge RYZ Long Range Test

Overall Archery Obstacle tested and authorized by The Damaging Point TV team!

After high demand, two decades of single pin modern technology come together to offer the utmost view for both Bowhunters and 3D shooters alike, enter the Tetra RYZ. With a silky 2.1″ of travel, each Tetra RYZ will certainly feature our longest view tapes we have actually ever built. The Tetra RYZ will certainly come in your option of a taken care of structure, two different dovetail size choices, and also a Hoyt Picatinny frame.
All Tetra RYZ collection syncs work with the Mathews Bridgelock ™ modern technology. Each sight will certainly include an Infinite Adjust Plate (TETRA-PT) which will certainly enable independent altitude and also 2nd axis changes along with extra windage on all inline sight placing options. New for 2022 HHA is additionally offering a short, 4″ -5″, dovetail choice.

15 years ago we introduced our to the lawn precision yardage tapes. We have actually prided ourselves in constructing the best quality tapes readily available on the marketplace. New for 2022, we are presenting the RYZ/Long Distance Tetra tapes. Reaching distances further than we have reached before, the RYZ/Long Distance Tetra Tapes make sure to give you a side the next time you hit the range. All RYZ/Long Distance Tetra Tapes are water proof and are color coded to be quickly seen in low light conditions. Each tape is peelable to get rid of the demand for scissors when mounting your yardage faucet

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